What Would You Do Tomorrow, If You Were Pain-Free Today?

Get back to the person you used to be before the pain in as fast as 24 hours.

            No More Never-Ending Maintenance Sessions.

Long-term pain doesn’t have to be a lifelong problem. Chronic pain can affect every avenue of your life, from building your business to maintaining your health in the gym.

If you’ve tried every treatment on offer, or run out of options from your GP, your solution is here!

The Venard Clinic specialises in resolving chronic pain using scientifically proven methods.

Our comprehensive, integrated approach and focus on corrective work provide the ideal way to reduce your pain as quickly as possible. Learn more about us and how our unique methods will help you overcome chronic pain for good.

Our Innovative, Results-Driven clinic

The Venard Clinic is a welcoming, comfortable space for our patients, providing the highest standard of care in a friendly environment.

There’s no need to feel awkward or uncomfortable during your session, as we take every step to ensure you feel at home.

We also offer real-time video calls, allowing access to our specialised services from any location. Visit our clinic page for more details.

            Supporting Professionals To Achieve A Pain-Free Future

The Venard Clinic is so successful because of our streamlined approach to chronic pain treatment. We support business owners and skilled professionals in achieving a pain-free future with an extraordinarily high success rate.

Our fast results are highly successful thanks to our in-depth assessment process, allowing us to identify if you’re the right client for what we do. Learn more about who we help here.

The Transformation Process

Start with an initial consultation call, where we get to know you and understand your specific pain.

From there, we’ll get you booked in for our comprehensive assessment session which provides complete information on your history, postural and muscle function and root causes identification.

We use this information to tailor your specific treatment plan, with excellent progress each session and follow-up to ensure you receive the highest standard of care.

Ready to become pain-free? Visit the how it works page to find out how.

Mind-Blowing Transformations

“I’m really excited to get back into exercise without feeling any pain… and getting out of bed in the morning without rolling over going ‘ow!'”Anna

“It’s almost like getting a new body, in all respects”Glenn

“Venard fixed my hip problem in four sessions that the NHS consultant couldn’t tackle in 2 years”Dawn

“I have a lot more freedom – not going to be stuck in bed now”Mark

“I gave Venard a four-day deadline to get me ready for a sporting event. . . he managed to deliver a same-day turnaround. Now three years later, I’m still pain free.”Chris.

“If you’re sat on the fence and you’ve got chronic pain, there’s nobody else I would recommend”Martin