Solving Chronic Pain In As Fast As 24 Hours.

More freedom and success in your life and business when you quickly become pain-free — and for good

Imagine A Life Free Of Pain…

Imagine being able to go to the gym every day. Take part in your favourite sports. Manage your increasing workload.

Or just get a decent night’s sleep without pain keeping you up.

Whether it’s enhancing your performance, improving your lifestyle or simply enjoying a pain-free life, The Venard Clinic will help you achieve your goals.

Not only do we help professionals and business owners recover from chronic pain, we do it with astonishing speed, allowing you to live an amazing life as soon as you leave our clinic. Yes, our results can be that dramatic!

Our Mission

Our mission is to solve chronic pain as quickly as humanly possible. We know that, with the proper treatment, thousands of chronic pain sufferers across the UK can live pain-free.

If you have pain problems that have spanned months, years or decades, this doesn’t mean you have to live with it.

Our single goal is to take away that pain – and give you back the lifestyle you’ve been missing.

Venard Fong, the Pain Free Ninja and owner of The Venard Clinic

Venard Fong

The Venard Clinic Founder
For Venard, the concept of becoming pain-free is personal. As a one-time Tae Kwon Do black belt competing at world championship level, he struggled with lower back pain, spending thousands on physio, chiropractic treatment, massages and more for short-term solutions.

Despite his investment, the pain wasn’t staying away. As a last-ditch effort, Venard booked in with a man advertising a new method of pain relief – and 24 hours later, he found himself able to hit the gym and lift weights effortlessly. Weights 48 hours earlier, he struggled to lift 1 repetition with.

After graduating with a degree in Orthoptics and working within the NHS at a large Midlands hospital, Venard decided to take a new path.

Using his expertise and knowledge of eye neurology, movement-based therapy and functional neurology, he graduated as a sports therapist and founded his practice in 2013. Since then, he’s helped countless patients achieve a pain-free life, using specialised techniques and methods to resolve pain for good.

Our success rate is astounding. View a selection of client case studies here.