Our Results Speak For Themselves

Dave’s Treatment Plan Helped Him Skip Invasive Knee Surgery

As an active award-winning landscaper from the North East, Dave had been struggling with knee issues for some time before medical professionals told him that surgery was his only option.

He hated having to decide whether to get stuck on-site or sit in the office to manage his pain levels, leading to delayed projects and slower results.

After his assessment, we devised a treatment plan that meant he could avoid surgery and enjoy life to the fullest.

Today he can be found out and about with his family, participating in sports and running up and down the Dales of Yorkshire with no complaints. Dave said The Venard Clinic transformed his life.

Emma’s Dramatic Transformation Just In Time To Walk Down The Aisle Pain-Free

Emma approached Venard with chronic back pain that was getting progressively worse, leading to her being stuck in bed for a week with sciatica.

With her wedding on the horizon in four months, she knew she wanted to be pain-free for her big day, ensuring she could walk down the aisle, party and attend her rehearsal dinner without any pain.

We worked with her to uncover the root cause of her back pain. The results were astonishing! After treatment, Emma could lift heavy items at work, carry her children and, of course, enjoy her special day with no back pain weighing her down.

This was a huge transformation, and Emma is extremely happy with the results.

Chris Was “All Fixed After Just One Session”

Chris came to Venard with a unique story and challenge for our clinic.

In four days, he was planning to take part in Tough Mudder – one of the most demanding physical challenges you can take on – and wanted to ensure he was in the best condition possible.

Past hamstring problems had hindered his training and work, but following fast, Accelerator treatment, he could compete pain-free.

Chris continues to feel the benefit of treatment, running two more Tough Mudders and improving his focus on growing his business and living life to the fullest.

A very happy client!

Annie Has Been Pain-Free For Five Years Since Her Treatment At The Venard Clinic

Annie’s story is one of our most interesting successes to date.

She came to us with multiple areas of pain down one side of her body, which hindered her life in many ways.

When working long hours in a corporate environment and pushing herself in the gym, Annie found she was getting pains down the whole of her right side, with the pain shifting over time.

As a high achiever, she knew she wanted to resolve the problem and work to her full potential.

After visiting numerous professionals, she came to our clinic and received a full assessment.

In a single session, we resolved the pain through her eyes, leaving her happy, healthy and able to achieve everything she wanted.

Five years later, she remains pain-free.

John Avoided Surgery Which Meant He Could Continue Working

John, a chimney sweeper and log stove installer came to The Venard Clinic with chronic pain. His dramatic results meant he avoided surgery and didn’t have to cancel his next four months of booked work. John’s potential loss of income would have been £60,000 minimum, so he is ecstatic with his results.

Dawn’s Hip Problem That Her Consultant Couldn’t Solve In Two Years, Was Solved In Four Sessions

In just 4 sessions working with Venard, Dawn went from struggling to put food in her shopping trolley and other normal daily activities and was put on the pain management clinic by her consultant as he had run out of avenues to find answers. She called this the ‘land of no hope’ and was on it for 24 months.

To being able to enjoy long dog walks with her family in the hills of North Wales. She was able to visit and walk 9 beaches whilst on holiday. A minimum of 10,000 steps a day. All pain free.

After 4 sessions. Her consultant was so impressed with her, that he’s discharged her from the clinic.

Curing Dale’s Neck And Shoulder Pain Meant He Could Now Train Fully And Get Himself Photoshoot Ready