Surgery is a big gamble and not an option to take lightly.


The average cost of private ankle surgery in the UK is around £3500.00. But that was the least of his worries.


With accommodation, post surgery rehab, medication costs, cancelled trips and meetings?


Stress, worries, inconvenience, dent to confidence?. 


A 5 figure fee would be an incredibly conservative estimate of what this would have cost him.


Plus no guarantee the surgery would work either. Leaving him still with pain or worse pain AND the mess of the surgery. Not something to take lightly.


With my client only being in the country for a limited time, this case had to be streamlined.


As with all cases, to get the fastest results that are also long lasting, we go through an extensive history. Usually at least 90 minutes to map everything out. This is before any actual treatment takes place.


Head traumas are always significant. Even when they are over a decade old. 


Through a precise framework, we identified the various top level areas that were causing the havoc and creating multiple layers of compensation…resulting in his ankle pain.


Full treatment process underway to treat them all and in less than 2 days, his case was completed.


  • No pain.
  • Normal walking movement and no limping.
  • No need for surgery.
  • No extra accommodation and rehab session costs.
  • No delays and zero impact to his schedule and business meetings…


No impact to his income and he was able to continue with his original itinerary. 


Getting his pain solved and normal movement back as fast as humanly possible wasn’t just his goal.


He was savvy and invested to keep his most valued commodity free and available for him… time and energy. No-one can turn back time to claim back time that has been wasted.


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