Solving chronic pain can be as easy as heads or tails.


A 50/50.


Equal chances, but unfortunately most still end up losing.


When clients come in and they have had their pain for months, years, some even decades…


Seen a full roster of therapists  (Physios, Osteos, Massage, Personal Trainers, GP, Consultants, etc) with limited results (cos if the treatment was correct for them and worked? They would be better by now).


A lot of the lack of progress is commonly down to what they think should be happening vs what is actually happening.


Pain and tightness is merely a response. Nothing more. Just a protection mechanism to keep you safe and not do silly things that can make things worse (hopefully!).


A response of the nervous system. Since muscles and joints don’t work until the nervous system gives the instruction to.


The area can either be overworking and mega active or actually weak and underworking. 

Both will present with pain and tightness.


The two sides of the same coin.


Each will require a totally different approach.


A common attempt is to stretch, massage, mobilise, etc. If the area was overworking? This would help lots.


However, if actually weak? All the above just destabilise an already weak area. Leading to really slow to zero progress and the body creating other compensations…


Creating another layer of problem to add to the list.


In most cases that I see in the clinic? The symptomatic area is actually weak. 


Being able to sift through all the layers of heads/ tails is key to locate the top level running the show.


What to do about this depends on how deep you want to go and how fast you want your life back.


Ready to get your life back? 

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