Scar work features high up with my work.

Physical adhesions can compress and stretch nerves in and around the area of the scar. The nervous system also changes how it communicates with the area.

This can and does cause havoc with the rest of the body.

Common scars:

  • C- sections and hysterectomies
  • Hernias
  • Knee replacements
  • Hip replacements
  • Shoulders


This also covers tattoos.


Tattoos are essentially a scar. But with ink.

Ranging from drunken, rebellious tattoos to impressive masterpieces.

Some have a deep meaning behind them. Generally a reminder of a loved one who has died.

An interesting case from this week was a client who had a tattoo when they were 18 years old. Around 20 years ago.

On the top of their foot. Young, free, not a care in the world. Understandable.

Their face was ‘eh? What the hell?’ when I asked about any tattoos and scars in the history.

On assessment, this tattoo turned out to be one of the two big players contributing to their outer hip pain. (They had direct core and hip exercises in the past with various therapists with no success).

Tattoos create scarring which changes the balance of tension with the connective tissue down the outside of their body. The same side of the hip issue.

Well, no one has ever asked or even looked outside the box and considered the tattoo.

When the tattoo was put through the assessment framework, the hip freed up. More mobility and comfort. Wasn’t as cranky. They couldn’t deny seeing and feeling the difference.

Solution was scar work coupled with emotional work to dial in any emotional components linked to the tattoo. 

Then finalised with some movement repatterning to show the body that the area is now normal and fine to use. 

Compared to previous attempts with other therapists, the above work led to an easy 80% solid improvement in just their first session. No slipping back of symptoms. 

They were able to finally get their first uninterrupted nights sleep in nearly a decade with no hip pain kicking off.

Not all tattoos will have an effect. But most do. Finding the impact is straightforward.

Solving the dysfunction correctly and quickly is where the skill is at.

Ready to finally put an end to that pain that literally keeps you awake at night?

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