Only took 2 minutes to sort out an 8 year long standing shoulder issue.


Real cause was buried 6 layers deep.


Details matter.


My client had reached out after being fed up with the short term results he was getting with his 8/10 shoulder pain having seen a variety of clinicians in the region, including a few big names of the shoulder rehab world over the past 8 years.


A lot of the work was helping, but just wouldn’t stick. Many of those he saw left him to drift away when they couldn’t help.


We mapped out that there was a genuine shoulder issue.


However, there were a lot of other areas that were creating a lot of noise and compensation from old injuries that were overriding the treatments he was having done.


When mega important areas are not working well? The rest of the body will drop down a few gears to limit how well you can move…just to help keep you safe.


History of contact sports meant lots of: 


  1. Concussions and whiplash
  2. Eye coordination
  3. Inner ear balance
  4. Joints of the skull
  5. Old appendix removal scar
  6. Ankle sprains


All the above areas have a big influence on both how we move and our core. When they are not working well, the core locks down and core function is high priority.


Buried 6 layers deep. 


Once that was sorted, all that was left was the shoulder and this was a 2/10 of niggle. Not even close to discomfort.


Shoulders are part of the core, but since there was residual niggle there, we mapped out the shoulder further and a ligament between the collar bone and the sternum wasn’t working as well.


Overworking and creating an imbalance on the other end of the collar bone.


Ligament work with some breathing drills reset that.


Breathing is also core. Fancy that.


When you get results at this speed and long lasting, the 90 minutes to 2 hours I spend to map out everything and what order things need to be treated in is well worth the time spent.


If you are still struggling with the chronic pain, there’s a good chance there’s multiple layers of compensation and more important areas to solve first. 


Because if the direct treatment you’ve been having did work?


You’d be better by now.


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