When the niggles, pain, issues are on one side of the body?

This is not a coincidence. 

When such a large area is affected, there will be a pattern.

What’s more likely is some of the top level systems are unhappy and causing havoc.

Ones with massive influence over a large number of joints and muscles. 

Locating these areas is critical as not only does it get faster and longer lasting results. Also saves a tonne of time.

Time that would usually be spent chasing the pain around.

No need to enter your ‘happy place’ whilst they dig their elbows in for a release

No more needing naps or having to cancel the next 2 days because you’re exhausted.

By applying the assessment and treatment framework, these top level causes can be identified and treated.

Saving a lot of time and headaches.

One area is the eyes and vision system.

When the eyes and vision system work well? The body leaves protection mode- all the tightness and locked down joints fizzle away.

More range of motion, more strength, power, stability. Everything becomes easy.

Only when using a precise approach, can this be found and treated.

Best thing?

No self care/ exercises/ maintenance to do!

If you think this is not possible? Check out Annie’s testimonial in the case study page.

Yes. The angle of vision of the accident was the main cause. Everyone else focussed on the symptoms themselves.

Who else wants to get their life back?

Or continue this never ending chase?

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