Dance Out Of Our Clinic Pain-Free

Are You Suffering From Long-Term Chronic Pain?

If you are a busy professional business owner who feels held back by chronic pain, you’re probably the ideal candidate for The Venard Clinic.

As a specialist treatment developed to help people who have tried everything, from chiropractic care to physio and yoga, our services are suited to people with long-term chronic pain in all areas of the body, including the upper and lower back, shoulders and legs.

If you’ve tried other options, but the pain is still there, please read our recent case studies page. You could be our next success story!

Enrich Your Life And Accomplish Your Life-Long Goals

Living pain-free can help to enrich your life in so many ways.

From kicking a football around with your kids to completing work with a spring in your step, removing pain from your life helps you achieve your goals, make new plans and experience life in a way, you haven’t for months or even years.

Our goal at The Venard Clinic is to restore your past, pain-free life to make every day brighter.

Be Pain Free

Are We A Good Fit?

As a results-driven and solution-focused treatment, we want to ensure that you’re the right fit for our transformation process. As experts in chronic pain, we work exclusively with patients who have suffered from long-term, chronic conditions such as years of lower back pain. If you want to get better, you’re willing to be held accountable, and you can trust us to do what we’re best at; now’s the time to give us a call and get started.

Who Isn’t A Good Fit?

If you have acute pain from a recent accident or are currently working with a medical team to resolve your problems, we recommend you work with your specialists to achieve the desired results.

We’re experts in chronic pain beyond medical intervention or other treatments, providing a scientifically-backed solution for patients who have exhausted every other avenue to live pain-free.

Nothing To Lose And Everything To Gain

Our commitment to our patients means we’ll never offer a service we can’t deliver. Our comprehensive, in-depth assessment allows us to understand your concerns and the root cause of your pain. If we’re not a good fit, we’ll let you know – and if you’d like to look elsewhere for solutions to your pain, you’ll receive every penny back you’ve paid.

We’re not here to waste your time. Even with our guaranteed success or moneyback offer, we understand it’s impossible to give you your time back. That’s why we only go ahead with your treatment plan if we’re certain early in the process we can help. Time and money are both precious. Book a call if you want to chat about this further.